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About Us

Once upon a time ... :) 

there were two employees of a travel agency, one day a shared passion and a commitment to orchestrating exceptional experiences lead them to approach travel planning in a new way:

keeping the most important thing they learned on traditional travels and leaving behind what they consider unnecessary,they started to provide unrivaled service with highly individualized attention.

We usually start from our client desire and vision then we realise the ideal journey with a bespoke service and attention to every request.

Most of all we would like to lead you through a small magical country by its local traditions, cuisine, history and nature: Welcome to Sicily!

We are especially focussed on Monti Peloritani area, as it represents our idea of slow tourism and the chance for our guest to discover a country that maintains a healthy balance with our social, economical and environmental impact.

We realise that in order to craft memorable moments for our clients, there is no better way than working as a small scale company in direct contact with all our travellers and providers, while striving to build real bonds between all of them. 

For the same reason mentioned above, we thought about a new experience, so...

we are happy to introduce you a new section of our job: Roots Tourism!

If you would like to find your origins in Sicily and also plan a lovely trip through your grandfather city or places of his life, just send us few information about you and we will find your roots,

then we will arrange the whole travel and bring you on the right place, you don't have to do anything , just ...contact us!



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  • ASSOCIAZIONE "Guide Turistiche Eolie Messina Taormina"
  • FONDAZIONE “Barone Giuseppe Lucifero di S.Nicolò”
  • ASSOCIAZIONE "Camminare i Peloritani"
  • COMUNE di Roccavaldina

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